Prime Yield launches new research: Focus on NPL in Iberia

Prime Yield has just released “Investing in NPL in Iberia 2018: a two-way opportunity market”, a research that analyses the potential of the Iberian NPL market, which is expected to trade €94 billion in 2018.

Being two European countries still hardly penalized by the workout of Non-Performing Loans (NPL), Spain (with one of the highest stocks, at €74,8 bn) and Portugal (with one of the highest ratios, at 11.7%) are currently important investment destinations for this type of asset.

Providing an updated and original picture of the Iberian NPL market and also putting it into the broader European context, the research presents Prime Yield’s forecasts on the potential NPL deals in Portugal and Spain in 2018, also pinpointing some of the most important challenges addressing this market in both countries. The document also looks into the latest developments concerning the Economic environment and the property market in Portugal and Spain.

The research was released during one of the most relevant events focusing on this market, Smith Novak’s NPL Iberia conference, held at Madrid on the 27th and 28th November, where Prime Yield has participated with company’s representatives in the Portugal and Latin America’s dedicated sessions.

Acess the report: “Investing in NPL in Iberia 2018: a two-way opportunity market”

At the time, Prime Yield also launched an informative flash about the Greek NPL market, named “Investing in NPL in Greece: A promising market starting to emerge” (pdf).

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