Prime Yield has moderated the NPL Virtual session focused in Southern Europe

Nelson Rêgo, Managing Director of Prime Yield and Head of Business Development for Investment Funds at Gloval, has moderated the latest Virtual NPL session “Distressed Real Estate: South Europe”

Prime Yield NPL Virtual

The online event took place on June 16th and has integrated several market experts from Portugal, Spain and Greece. One of the main conclusions of the session is that we are in a demand crisis, with panelists mainly debating the housing and office markets. And, as for the NPLs market, this is a different crisis than in 2008, so the reactions will be different. In the market there will be new NPLs assets, and investors, although facing much uncertainty, will continue to be interested in Spain, Italy and Greece, without forgetting the potential of Portugal.

The NPL Virtual event is organized by Smith Novak and includes 17 debate sessions, between May 25th and June 25th. Prime Yield has moderated session 10.

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