Prime Yield at the press: “Spain is the 3rd EU country with the highest volume of NPL ” – elEconomista

The latest research by Prime Yield, part of Gloval, on the NPL market in Spain was highlighted by elEconomista in an extended article, included in the edition of March 19th 2021.
In addition to accounting for the current stock of NPLs in Spain, Prime Yield’s report presents the transactional activity of this type of asset in 2020 and provides estimates for 2021. In statements to the newspaper, Nelson Rêgo, Managing Director of Prime Yield and Head of Business Development at Gloval for Real Estate Evaluation and Consultancy services for Investment Funds, estimates that the stock of NPLs in the country could increase to €90.0 bn due to the moratoria. Spain currently has the 3rd largest NPL volume in Europe, totaling €76.9bn.

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