Prime Yield launches new research on NPL in Iberia during leading conference

Prime Yield has just launched “Investing in NPL in Iberia 2019”, focusing on the NPL & REO trading potential in Portugal and Spain, also providing an outlook over the European context. The research presents Prime Yield’s estimates on the NPL potential deal in both Portugal and Spain, also identifying the main challenges posed to these markets. The study also provides an outlook on the latest economic and real estate developments in each market.

The report anticipates 2019 to be another dynamic year for the trade of Non-Performing Loans (NPL) in Iberia, estimating that this year could bring another €28 billion in NPL sales to Iberia, benefiting from the growing interest of global investors for this type of asset and for Southern European geographies. But especially because this is now a market that offers two types of opportunities for investors, given that Portugal and Spain are at different stages in terms of market development, level of returns and bidding competitiveness, thus allowing several investor profiles and investment tickets.

This new research was released, firsthand, on the leading Iberian NPL event, the NPL Iberia Conference. Organized by Smith Novak and held on November 28th and 29th, this event took place in Madrid. Prime Yield, part of Gloval, was one of the sponsors, also intervening on the block dedicated to “Iberia Servicing”. This block took place on the first day of the event and the company was represented by Estanislao de la Quadra Salcedo, Managing Director of Gloval Valuation.

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